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Acadians from Colonization to Deportation in Photos

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Was the Acadian Expulsion Justified?

New Acadian Monument Dedicated at L'Acadie Quebec in 2016


Acadian Surnames

We invite everyone to trace their family lineage to an Acadian pioneer. You can earn the beautiful pin (3/4 inch wide) that we have purchased especially for this program.

Acadian First Families at WIKITREE

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ACADIAN Pin Program Rules

1. This program is intended for our members to become aware of, appreciate, and experience pride in their rich cultural heritage.

2. Participation is for those who are able to trace their ancestry to an Acadian living in Acadia before 1755.

3. The VT-FCGS Acadian Pin Program begins on October 21, 2017 at our Fall Conference when Mike Sevigny will present the "History of Your Acadian Ancestors".

4. A $6.00 application fee must be submitted along with a family lineage chart showing the applicant's ancestral line, by marriages, back to an Acadian Pioneer marriage.

Add $4.00 if the pin has to be mailed (anywhere in the USA).

5. One Acadian pin will be awarded to each successful applicant. Additional pins can be purchased for $6.00 each - plus Shipping.

6. Copies of the family lineage chart should be brought to the VT-FCGS library in Colchester or mailed to VT-FCGS Acadian Pin Program, P.O. Box 65128, Burlington, VT 05406-5128.

7. Your submitted lineage will be displayed at the VT-FCGS web site with your permission.

8. A list of Acadian marriages can be found at our library or on our website.





Charts Submitted

Total Charts
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Acadian Male Profile
Acadian Female Profile
1 One Chart Fisher, John
Daniel Leblanc
Francoise Gaudet
2 One Chart Desany Fisher, Kathleen
Jacques Bourgeois
Jeanne Trahan



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