Create a Fille & Soldat Chart using Family Tree Maker


Below are some generalized instructions for creating a descendant tree with the Family Tree Maker Program.  Instructions may vary in different versions of Family Tree Maker.


a.    Start Family Tree Maker and Create or Open your database.


b.    Select the Soldat Ancestor.


c.    Go to VIEW – Tree Charts – select Standard descendent tree


d.    CONTENTS – Individuals to Include – Direct Descendent – change secondary individual to ‘you’ or ‘your spouse’ etc


e.    CONTENTS – Items to Include – Name and Marriage date & Location are typical


f.      FORMAT – Change all to suit yourself


g.    PICTURE/OBJECT – Insert a unique picture as a background, maybe 2 or 3 pics. You may have to adjust the size.


h.    You can continually adjust all items under CONTENTS, FORMAT and PICTURE/OBJECT


i.       When done, go to FILE – Export Descendent Tree – To Acrobat PDF – and save into “My Documents”.