Marriages of Filles du Roy to Carignan Salières Regiment Members


                        This list was compiled from lists of Filles du Roy and  Carignan-Salières Regiment Members found on SFDRSC.

                        La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan, Inc.



                        One should refer to the original web site for complete information on surnames and variations.



Code:           1 / 2 =  first of two marriages;          3 / 3 =  third of three marriages; etc.

                                           ?_  =  some question exists on name variation either given or surname between the two lists.

                                      ?_   =  may also refer to the list of unconfirmed Soldier-settlers of the Carignan Regiment.

                                                              It seems that the lists has not been incorporated with the Confirmed lists on the web site.



                        No attempt was made to establish a match of the “Unknowns” on the Regiment list to a Fille du Roi.


Indexed by Husband (Carignan Soldat)

Indexed by Wife (Fille du Roi)


                        Thomas DeVarney

                        23 October 2009