The Burlington, Vermont French Catholic Congregation in 1843


The following 320 persons were members of the Burlington, Vermont French Catholic Congregation in 1843. They all appear to be male Headís of Families living in Chittenden County. The Committee Members wrote to the Bishop of Boston and asked him to let their French priest, Fr Ance, remain as their priest, to no avail. This is the earliest list of French Catholics that I have found in Vermont. Four members of the parish created the problem that caused Fr Anceís removal. No other french priest served the congregation until St Joseph Church was founded in 1850. Fr Ance had a small chapel and school near the present St Joseph Cemetery.


# Accused members

* Committee Members

Amel, Hubert

Arnold, John

Arpin, Joseph

Auclair, Etienne

Ayotte, Hubert

Ayotte, Narcisse

Bachant, Firmin

Beaudette, Jean Baptiste

Beaulac, Honore

Beaulieu, Pierre

Beaulieu, Theodore

Beaupre, Olivier

Berard, Jean Baptiste

Berard, Joseph

Bernard, Jean

Bertrand, Etienne

Biron, Francois

Biron, Louis

Bissonet, Pierre

Blais, Thomas

Boucher, Augustin

Boucher, Augustin

Boucher, Pierre

Bouchier, Xavier

Boulet, Joseph

Bourdon, Louis #

Bourk, Bernard

Bourk, Eugene

Bournoyer, Pierre

Brassard, Francois

Brau, Andre

Brodeur, Michel

Brodeur, Olivier

Brunelle, Augustin

Brunelle, Edouard

Brunelle, Francois

Brunelle, Henry

Brunelle, Jean

Brunelle, Jean Baptiste

Brunelle, Xavier

Cadarac, Louis

Carnot, Samuel

Cathard, Louis

Champagne, Isaac

Champagne, Joseph

Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste

Charbonneau, Joseph

Charron, Antoine

Chateauneuf, Francois

Chauvin, Leandre

Chayotte, Pierre

Cherrier, Edouard

Cherrier, Francois

Chicoine, Maurice

Chretien, Louis

Cloteaux, Joseph

Cloutier, Germain

Cloutier, Louis

Collette, Louis

Conery, Jacques

Corbeil, Honore

Corbeil, Joseph

Corbeil, Magloire

Corbeil, Moyse

Corbeil, Paul

Cote, Magloire

Courtemanche, Denis

Courville, Jean Baptiste

Dame, Charles

Dame, Francois

Dame, Louis

Dame, Louis (son)

Dame, Louis (son)

Dame, Moyse

Dame, Norbert

Dame, Pierre

Daudelin, Francois

Davignon, Andre

Davignon, Augustin

Davignon, Augustin *

Decaraff, Jean Baptiste

Decelles, Antoine *

Degue, Francois

Degue, Jean

Delorme, Joseph

Denis, Jean Baptiste #

Desautels, Francois

Desgnault, Cleophas

Desmarets, Pierre

Despins, Joseph

Despins, Joseph

Desrosiers, Hubert

Desrosiers, Isidore

Desrosiers, Pierre (son)

Desrosiers, Pierre *

Desrosiers, Xavier

Dupuis, Joseph

Dutile, Jean

Dutille, Gervais

Elie, Andre

Faneuf, Francois

Faneuf, Jean Baptiste

Faneuf, Ludger

Faneuf, Narcisse

Favreau, Theoti

Fontaine, Charles

Fontaine, Joseph

Fosier, Ambroise

Fosier, Francois

Fosier, Israel

Fosier, Onesyme

Fosier, Xavier

Freniere, Edouard

Fugere, Jean

Gabouri, Joseph

Gabouri, Louis

Gabouri, Louis *

Gadebis, Joseph *

Gadebois, Augustin

Gadebois, Francois

Gauthier, Jean Baptiste

Gauthier, Jean Baptiste

Gauthier, Michel

Gendro, Leon

Gendron, Abraham

Germain, Louis

Germain, Zepherin

Gironde, Jean Baptiste

Godette, Jean B.

Godette, Jean B.

Godette, Joseph

Goyette, Francois Xavier

Goyette, Joseph

Goyette, Louis

Gravel, Jean Baptiste

Grignon, David

Grignon, Francois

Grignon, Joseph

Grignon, Joseph

Grignon, Joseph

Grignon, Xavier

Grignon, Xavier

Guerrier, Elie

Guertin, Dominique

Hebert, Joseph

Hebert, Lambert

Holmes, E.

Holmes, Leonide

Holmes, Luc

Hudon, Pierre

Jean-Petit, Antoine

Labatte, Francois

Labatte, Francois (son)

Labelle, Louis

Laboissiere, Francois

Labonte, Antoine

Labonte, Benjamin

Labonte, Benjamin

Labonte, Cyprien

Labonte, Jean Baptiste

Labonte, Leon

Labonte, Louis

Labonte, Louis (son)

Lachance, Amable

Lafleur, Antoine

Lafleur, Charles

Lafleur, Charles

Lafleur, Jean Baptiste

Lafond, Joseph

Lafontaine, Alfred

Lafontaine, Amable

Lafromboise, Etienne

Lajoie, Antoine

Lajoie, Antoine

Lajoie, Charles

Lajoie, Francois

Lajoie, Jean Baptiste

Lajoie, Joseph

LaLiberte, Pierre

Lamarre, Joseph

Lamarre, Joseph

Lamoureux, Francois

Landry, Charles

Laparle, Toussaint

Lapierre, Basile

Lapierre, Moyse

Lapointe, Francois *

Laporte, Narcisse

Larive, Michel

Laurent, Antoine

Laurent, Antoine (son)

Laurent, Hubert

Laurent, Mathias

Lauson, Benjamin

Lavale, Antoine

Lavale, Xavier

Lavanture, Francois *

Lavigne, Amable

Lavigne, Charles

Lavigne, Eusebe

Lavigne, Francois

Lavigne, Guillaume

Lavigne, Hubert

Lavigne, Jean Baptiste

Lavigne, Joseph

Lavigne, Lambert

Leclerc, Francois

Leclerc, Francois (son) *

Leclerc, Philippe

Leclere, Charles

Leclere, Francois

Leclere, Pierre

Ledoux, Charles

Ledoux, Francois

Ledoux, Gabriel

Ledoux, Gustave

Ledoux, Ignace

Ledoux, Louis

Lincourt, Anthony #

Lucier, Damas

Lucier, Joseph

Lucier, Louis

Lucier, Paul

Mailhot, Joseph

Maillet, Jean Baptiste #

Marchesseau, Theotise

Marcotte, Felix

Mayere, Charles

Mayere, Etienne

Mayere, Felix

Mayere, Felix (son)

Menard, Moyse

Miette, Francois

Monac, Joseph

Mondoux, Paul

Monmarquette, Francois de

Moriset, Joseph

Niquette, Joseph

Oilette, Henri

Oillette, Firmin

Oillette, Joseph

Oillette, Louis

Ostier, Francois

Ostyer, Francois (son)

Page, Joseph

Papineau, Antoine

Papineau, Antoine

Papineau, Salomon

Paradis, Charles

Paradis, Edouard

Paradis, Guillaume

Parisot, Joseph

Paul, Charles

Pepin, Antoine

Pepin, Bruneau

Pepin, Francois

Pepin, Germain

Pepin, Jean Baptiste *

Pepin, Joseph

Plante, Pierre

Poirrier, Pierre

Potdevin, Louis

Quivier, Elie

Richelieu, Charles

Richelieu, Dominique

Richelieu, Francois

Richelieu, Michel

Rivet, Henri

Rivet, Honore

Rivet, Jacques

Rivet, Jacques (son)

Rivet, Jean

Rivet, Jean

Rivet, Jean

Robert, Dominque

Robert, Francois

Robert, Henry

Robert, Louis

Robert, Prudent

Robitaille, Felix

Robitaille, Leon

Rochelot, Ignace

rodeur, Michel

Rondeau, Pierre

Rose, Jean Marie

Rouillard, Antoine

Rouillard, Edouard

Rouillard, Joseph

Rouleau, Amable

Rousseau, Jean Baptiste

Roy, Michel

Roy, Pierre

Salois, Antoine

Salois, Dominique

Salois, Dominique

Senez, Jean Baptiste

Senez, Jean Baptiste

Smith, Francois

St Albans, Abram

St Albans, Joseph

Terrien, Charles

Terrien, Pierre

Terrien, Pierre

Tetro, Alexandre

Tetro, Louis

Thibault, Jean Baptiste

Thompson, Alexandre

Valin, Antoine

Valin, Louis

Vegiard, Michel

Veilleux, Louis

Veilleux, Michel

Veilleux, Michel

Vient, Albert

Vient, Jean

Vigeon, Jean

Vilmere, Pierre

Wagner, Jean H. M.

Yon, Pierre