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The VT-FCGS published the Marriage and Baptism records of the Diocese of Burlington beginning with the oldest parishes from about 2004 to 2020. They contain a wealth of information for the genealogist.

Many Vermont towns or parishes have a large majority of French Canadians. It is very common to see these people listed with their French names in the church baptism and marriage records, versus their anglicized names in the town and state records. So you may see Beaudoin in the church records and Baldwin in the state records; or Lacroix and Cross; or Ostiguy vs Austin and Lafontaine vs Spring or Wells.

Our Baptism books also contain all the marriages which were recorded with the baptisms and in some cases the baptisms of the person they married. Many marriages are in other states and countries such as Canada. Many were also performed on Military Bases in the US and in foreign countries.

Our books are as shown above, mostly Hardcover and 8.5 by 11 inches.

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