High Roller Baccarat Casino Game

Baccarat has long been a favorite game of high-rollers. It provides the opportunity to win large amounts of money quickly thanks to its rapid and easy play. I’ve put up a comprehensive guide on how to play high roller Baccarat.

Best High Roller Baccarat Online Casino Sites

Casumo Casino

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  • Unlimited Withdrawal
  • Help and Support
  • Occasional Account Verification Issues Reported
  • No Crypto
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Mr Green Casino

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  • Wide range of casino games from top providers
  • Live casino with 100+ games
  • Fast withdrawal times
  • No 24/7 customer support
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Omni Slots Casino

Welcome Bonus
  • Great game selection
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Mobile friendly
  • Live chat support available 24/7
  • Limited banking options
  • Some countries are restricted
  • No sports betting or poker
Welcome Bonus up to € 500 plus a total of 70 Free Spins
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LeoVegas Casino

Welcome Bonus
  • You can play a huge range of online casino games at LeoVegas, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.
  • LeoVegas offers some of the most generous bonuses and promotions in the online gambling industry.
  • The site is available in multiple languages and currencies.
  • LeoVegas is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • LeoVegas does not accept players from all countries.
  • A rather Slow Payout Time
Welcome Bonuses Up to €1000 + 200 Free Spins
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N1 Casino

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  • Wide variety of casino games
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Mobile-friendly casino
  • Relatively new online casino
  • Some countries are restricted
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Scatters Casino

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  • Scatters Casino offers a wide variety of casino games.
  • The website is available in many languages.
  • Casino Scatters has a good VIP program.
  • The site does not offer a Scatters Casino no deposit bonus.
  • There are some countries restricted from playing Scatters Casino.
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Betsson Casino

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  • A large online casino with a good variety of games
  • A mobile version of the casino is available
  • The casino offers a live dealer option
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Some countries are restricted from playing at Betsson
  • The casino has been known to be slow in processing withdrawals
100% match on 1st deposit up to €100
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NetBet Casino

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  • A wide variety of games to choose from
  • Can play for free or for money
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  • Some countries are restricted from playing on NetBet
  • The withdrawal process can take up to 5 days
  • Customer service is only available via email or live chat
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Playamo Casino

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  • Decentralized online casino
  • Fast payouts
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  • Live dealer games
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  • Limited number of countries accepted
  • No sports betting
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Amok Casino

Free Spins Bonus
  • Accepts players from all over the world
  • Offers a wide variety of games
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Some countries are restricted
  • Live chat support is not available 24/7
  • No mobile Amok Casino app
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If you want to play baccarat with big stakes online, you may go to any of the casinos listed above and start immediately on a secure and licensed platform.

High Roller Baccarat Casino Game
High Roller Baccarat Casino Game

What Is High Stakes Baccarat All About?

On this page, you will discover the requirements for becoming a high roller and the benefits that come with it.

High Roller Baccarat
High Roller Baccarat

What Is a High Roller?

Before we move on to the game’s specifics, let’s clarify what it means to be a high roller. A high roller is someone who gambles a significant amount of money at a casino. Whales are people who gamble large sums of money at casinos.

Naturally, they are highly prized by casino operators, who frequently provide comps and VIP privileges as a thank you for the enormous sums they gamble. Whales seek out tables with the most generous betting limits, where you may wager hundreds or thousands of dollars per hand.

Why Play Baccarat with High Stakes

Baccarat is a game suited to high rollers. The game has an air of luxury and sophistication about it. You’ll frequently find the game being played at broad tables, in roped-off VIP areas or private rooms in Las Vegas and Macau casinos, giving it an air of class and intrigue.

Aside from the game’s prestigious reputation, high-stakes players are drawn to the game’s simple rules that demand no particular talents to play. It is a fast-paced game with big payoffs on successive victories. Another feature of the classic card game is its tiny house edge. Baccarat, in general, is an excellent game for those who have plenty of money.

How to Play a Baccarat High Roller?

The game of baccarat is played with eight decks of cards. The aim of the game is to correctly guess who will have a hand value closest to nine – the player or the banker. Cards two through nine are worth their face value, while 10s, jacks, queens and kings are all worth zero.

Aces are worth one point. High rollers bet on either the player or banker’s hand winning. They can also bet that the hands will result in a tie. Aces are worth 1 point, 2s through 9s are worth face value, and 10s through kings have a value of 0. The suit of the card does not matter.

High rollers start by placing their bets on either the player or banker’s hand, or on a tie. Bets must be placed before the dealer deals the cards. Once bets have been placed, the dealer will deal two cards to both the player and banker.

The value of the hand is simply the sum of the values of the cards in that hand. If the value of the hand is 10 or more, then only the rightmost digit counts. For example, if the player’s hand is worth 18, then only 8 counts towards the player’s total.

If either the player or banker has an 8 or 9 (a natural), then that hand automatically wins. If neither has a natural, then things get a little more complicated.

The player will always draw first if their hand totals 0-5. If the player stands, then the banker will hit on a total of 0-5 and stand on a 6 or 7. If the player hits, then they can either draw again or stand. The game continues in this way until someone has a natural (8 or 9), someone has busted (gone over 21), or both players have chosen to stand.

At the end of each hand, winning bets are paid out at even money. Losing bets are collected by the house. Bets on a tie are paid out at 8 to 1 odds.

Benefits of Being a Baccarat High Roller

Casino operators know that their high spending customers are important, so they offer a range of benefits to reward them and keep them coming back. These can include exclusive bonuses or more favorable banking options. To learn more about the advantages of being a casino high roller, read on below.

VIP Reward Programmes

VIP memberships are offered by a number of casinos, with the privilege of joining the loyalty program exclusively for high-spending participants. Reload bonuses, moneyback offers, luxury prize draws, and VIP invites to special gatherings are just a few of the perks available through membership in this club. 

Faster Withdrawals

Online casinos are more equipped to handle bigger deposits and withdrawals from high rollers. Withdrawals also tend to be processed faster for VIP players. In addition, the deposit and withdrawal limits are much higher than average, making them ideal for those who spend more money.

Dedicated Account Manager

As a VIP player, you can expect to receive dedicated account management and support. Your personal manager will also be able to provide you with exclusive bonuses and offers.

VIP Rooms & Games

High rollers at casinos are privy to exclusive VIP rooms that offer the highest stakes baccarat games in a luxury setting. Players have the option of playing with other high rollers or exclusively with the dealer.

High Roller Baccarat Game
High Roller Baccarat Game

High Roller Baccarat Strategy

The best high roller baccarat strategy is to bet on the banker’s hand every time. The reasoning behind this is that the banker’s hand wins more often than the player’s hand, and the only time that the player’s hand has a better chance of winning is when the player has a natural (8 or 9).

The house edge in high roller baccarat is 1.06% on banker bets, 1.24% on player bets, and 14.36% on tie bets. As you can see, betting on the banker gives you the best chance to win.

There are also a few other things to keep in mind when playing high roller baccarat. First, always avoid tie bets. The house edge on tie bets is an astronomical 14.36%, so it’s not worth the risk. Second, don’t fall for any of the so-called baccarat betting systems that claim to give you an edge over the house. These systems don’t work, and they’ll just end up costing you money in the long run.

High Roller Baccarat Tips

If you’re looking to up the ante and become a high roller baccarat player, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, always learn the rules of the game before sitting down to play. High rollers tend to be experienced players, so if you’re new to the game, you might want to start at a lower stakes table first.

When you’re ready to move up, always choose a reputable casino that offers high-quality games and excellent customer service. It’s also important to take advantage of VIP programs and bonuses when they’re available. These can help you stretch your bankroll and give you an edge over other players.

Finally, remember to manage your money wisely. High rollers tend to be risk-takers, but that doesn’t mean you should bet more money than you can afford to lose. Set a budget and stick to it, so you can enjoy the excitement of high-stakes baccarat without putting your financial security at risk.

High Roller Baccarat vs The Regular Game

High-stakes baccarat is similar to typical baccarat in many ways. You’ll find that both games include the same basic game regulations. The same odds and payouts may be employed. However, there are several distinctions between the two versions that are worth noting. One of the most apparent differences is the betting restrictions.

The standard game has lower table limits, making it ideal for beginners and people who prefer to play with low stakes. The high roller version, on the other hand, allows you to wager substantially larger sums of money.

High roller casino baccarat offers the most significant table limits of all online baccarat games. The higher you stake, the more you stand to win. And playing for such high stakes is undeniably thrilling and exciting.


High roller baccarat is the perfect game for those who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping, high-stakes gambling experience. If you have the bankroll to support it, you can enjoy some of the biggest payouts in the casino industry. Just remember to always play responsibly and within your budget.


  • What is high roller baccarat?

    High roller baccarat is a casino game that offers high stakes and big payouts. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping gambling experience.

  • What is the house edge in high roller baccarat?

    The house edge in high roller baccarat is 1.06% on banker bets, 1.24% on player bets, and 14.36% on tie bets. As you can see, betting on the banker gives you the best chance to win.

  • What are some tips for playing high roller baccarat?

    Some tips for playing high roller baccarat include learning the rules of the game, choosing a reputable casino, and taking advantage of VIP programs and bonuses. Additionally, remember to manage your money wisely and set a budget before you start playing.

  • What's the difference between high roller baccarat and regular baccarat?

    One of the main differences between high roller baccarat and regular baccarat is the betting limits. High rollers can bet significantly larger sums of money in the high roller version of the game.