Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society Membership

P.O. Box 65128, Burlington, VT 05406-5128

If you have a French-Canadian ancestor on your family tree, perhaps you would like to know more about the VERMONT FRENCH CANADIAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY.
This society, which was formed in March 1996, is the first such group organized in Vermont specifically for French-Canadian genealogical research. Its chief objectives are to provide aid to our members in their research; to encourage them to learn more about their rich history; to be a repository for Vermont French Canadian genealogical and historical data; and to promote a high standard of research ethics for our membership.

· Regular individual membership is US $30.00, with $6.00 for each additional household member. (Only one journal is sent per household.) Membership is renewable annually. Memberships are open to all. Members under the age of 17 years are free but they do not receive our bi-annual journal.
· Lifetime memberships are available at fifteen times the regular membership rate - $450.00.
· Institutional memberships are 1 1/2 times the regular rate - $45.00.

· Use of the library and resources
· LINKS, our journal published bi-annually
· Free queries in LINKS
· Option to publish articles in LINKS
· Internet access to genealogy databases

· Since June 2001, the society library has been located at the Dupont Building at Fort Ethan Allen, in Colchester VT. The library, located in rooms 202, 203, 204 and 206; is handicapped accessible in the rear of the building. It is staffed by volunteers, and is usually open on Tuesday evenings from 3 pm to 9:30 pm, as well as Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (September through June). In July and August we are open on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Any necessary last-minute changes to this schedule will be posted on our web site. We are closed on holidays and holiday weekends.
· The library has no mail receptacle so all mail for the society and any of its officers should be addressed to the society Post office box as shown above.
· The library has a growing collection of reference books, manuscripts, periodicals and microfiche, thanks to the generosity of our members and others, as well as gifts from other societies, family associations and publishers. As funds permit, we are continuing to purchase published "repertoires" of church records pertaining to Marriages, Baptisms and Burials, mostly in the Province of Quebec and New England.
· We currently have the VT Vital Record Microfilms of Births, Marriages and Deaths for 1760 to 1941.
· As an adjunct to the library book and fiche collection, we have established a "surname file" in folders to collect, preserve, and make available all types of unbound material such as family charts, family histories, newspaper clippings, documents, and photographs. New material is always welcome from members and non-members. We also have much Obituary Index and Cemetery Index books. We currently have 5 computers which have access to the Internet.
· Please send us copies of your completed charts and publications.

· Members are invited to submit specific queries for publishing in future issues of the journal within its space limitations. These queries may pertain to a particular ancestor or some other researching problem. We recommend that queries be short, concise, and clearly printed. Each query must include the full name and full address of the requestor. Queries are free to members. We ask non-members to pay $5.00 for each query at the time it is sent. All queries should be mailed to the society at its post office box number, addressed to Attn: Query Editor.

· Membership includes subscription to the society journal, "LINKS," which is published twice each year, usually in the spring and autumn, as well as any other society newsletter or bulletin, which may be circulated.

· Back issues of our journal, "LINKS," when available, may be ordered at US $5.00 each plus S&H., postpaid, from the society, Attn: Treasurer. See our website for all of our Publications Index, Maps etc.

· Special classes, programs, Annual Fall Conferences or workshops are planned for each year. An announcement of each event will be made in advance to our members and the public.

· For Research Requests, please see the RESEARCH REQUEST link at our website; which thoroughly explains the request process.

WEB-PAGE AND E-MAIL - Visit our web-page on the Internet at
HTTP://WWW.VT-FCGS.ORG or direct e-Mail to Mail@VT-FCGS.ORG

Come and visit our Library and we will help you get started in your family research. You will enjoy all the excellent resources available in our Library. The first visit is FREE, and its FREE for Active Members, all others pay $5.00 daily.

Membership is open to any person, upon submission of application, agreement to the VT-FCGS code of ethics, and payment of annual dues. If you would like to become a member of our society, please submit the following membership application form and a check payable in US FUNDS to VT-FCGS, ATTN: Treasurer, P.O. Box 65128, Burlington, VT 05406-5128.
In consideration of being accepted as a member of the above Society, and in the interest of supporting better professional genealogical standards, I hereby offer the following personal information and pledge:
(1) That while a member of said Society, I will not copy, publish or repeat the contents of any information that may come to my attention regarding records of illegitimate births within the past 100 years, as revealed from the records of any town, city, county, state or federal agency; (2) That I will carefully refrain from mutilating, marking, or otherwise defacing or destroying any part of public vital records;
(3) That my research of vital records will be made only for genealogical or historical purposes;
(4) That I will hold myself subject to the rules and regulations of the Society; and
(5) That I will handle books and other materials with exceptional care to preserve them as long as possible.
Nothing in this Code of Ethics shall be construed to interfere with the medical or legal duties of a member of the medical or legal profession.

Maiden Name:
Spouse's Name:
Address: & Tel. No.
City: State: Zip:
Type of Membership: (US Funds):
Regular = $30.00 annually (single) Institution = $45.00 annually Lifetime = $450.00
Additional Member in the same household = $6.00 each List Name(s)
Additional Donation to our society:

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