VT-FCGS Member Memorial Page


Mbr# Member Name Comments
1 Paul Landry Co-founder Obit
46 Janet Amblo Eno Landry Paul's wife Obit
3 John Moreau Co-founder Obit
4 Lee Gilbert Charter Member Obit - Treasurer 14 years
5 Paul Truax Charter Member Obit - Obit2 Secretary 3 yrs
6 Bernard O'Day Charter Member Obit
8 Leo Fleury Charter Member Obit
18 Rev. Romeo Trahan S.S.E. Charter Member Obit
21 Pauline Landry Charter Member
26 Paul Dumais Charter Member Obit
49 Normand Lavallee  
53 Beliveau, Maurice
54 Claire Chase Mbr & Speaker Obit
63 George Duprat  
107 Wendell Gilbert  
H5 Veronique Gassette Honorary Member Obit
37 George Myers Obit Joined 8-6-1996
none Msgr John McSweeney Obit Diocese Project Enabler
109 Janet Lanou Obit Diocese Project Latin Expert

Note: Members had to belong to VT-FCGS for at least several years.

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