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PRDH on Disc

We have purchased the recently released PRDH database of early Quebec records on CD ROM. This disc has the complete database compiled by the Programme de Recherches en Démographic Historique of the University of Montreal. The database contains the following types of records: Recantation, Baptism, Confirmation, Hospital sick list, List of migrants, Marriage, Marriage Contract, Census, Burial, Testimony of freedom to marry, Naturalization, Marriage rehabilitation, and Marriage annulment. The time period for the information is from 1608 to 1799, with all the information that is in the red PRDH volumes (1608-1765) plus information to 1799.

The database is searchable by Individual, Couples (Husband first), Couples (Wife first), Date of Record, Parish, Number of Record, Occupation or Origin. The time period, parish, type of record, or role of the participant can be left open or selected as search parameters in order to reduce the amount of information returned. The roles include Subject, Spouse of the Subject, Father of the Subject, Mother of Subject, or Other.

To speed-up the searches we have purchased a new PC and loaded the program and database onto the hard drive. Due to heavy use there may be a sign-up sheet to ensure everyone has a chance to use the database. If you are a VT-FCGS member that cannot access the library write to us including a self addressed stamped envelope and we will conduct up to 4 look-ups at a time for you.

Vermont Resources - See our Publication For Sale Link

 Essex County, Island Pond

 St James Church                          1872 - 1948  BMD

 Essex County, Norton

 Norton Mills Mission                     1888 - 1955  MD

 Franklin County, Georgia

 Georgia VT Vital Records                 1700 - 1995       Peter Mallett    

 Grand Isle County, Alburg

 History of Grand Isle  - Allen Stratton  Vol 1 and 2

 Grand Isle County, Grand Isle

 French-Canadian Settlement - Demarce   Vol 1 and 2 - Arranged by Families

 Grand Isle County, Isle Lamotte

 History of Isle Lamotte - Allen Stratton

 Grand Isle County, North Hero

 History of North Hero - Allen Stratton

 Grand Isle County, South Hero

 History of South Hero  - Allen Stratton  Vol 1 and 2

 French-Canadian Name Changes 

 French-Canadian Names: Vermont Variants   - Veronique Gassette

 Noms Quebecois Americanises - Raymond Gingras

 Translations of French Family Names in English - Susan Whitebook

 The 'Dit" Name: Alaises, Anglicizations, Adulterations - Robert Quintin

 Also see Tanguay, Volume 7

 Vermont Military Rosters 

 Rolls of VT Soldiers in the Revolutionary War Vol 1-2  1775 - 1783

 Roster of VT Soldiers in the War of 1812               1812 - 1814

 Roster of VT Soldiers in the Civil War                 1861 - 1866

 Vermonters in the Spanish American War                 1898

 Roster of VT Soldiers and Sailors in WWI  Vol 1-3      1917 - 1919

 Roster of VT Soldiers and Sailors in WWII  Vol 1-2     1941 - 1945

 Roster VT in Korean War                                1950 - 1955

 Roster VT in Vietnam War                               1964 - 1975

 Cemetery Inscriptions 

 Addison County:    Bristol, Middlebury, Monckton, Panton, Vergennes

 Chittenden County: Burlington, Charlotte, Essex, Hinesburg, Milton

 Chittenden County: Richmond, S. Burlington, Shelburne, Westford

 Chittenden County: Williston

 Franklin County:   Berkshire, Fairfax, Fairfield, St Albans, St Albans Bay

 Franklin County:   Swanton

 Grand Isle County: Isle LaMotte

 Washington County: Moretown

 Windsor County:    Ludlow

 BOOK - Burial Grounds Of Vermont

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