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The Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society

  Anyone can do genealogy on their own, but if you value the assistance of expert French-Canadian genealogists who are familiar with the Name Changes, the Primary Reference Resources, the typical Migration Patterns, and some knowledge of the French language; you should think about joining our society. You will certainly also enjoy the easy access to millions of French-Canadian and Franco-American records, plus books on the lives of the first French pioneers, the Camaraderie of others doing similar research, our yearly Conference and our numerous Classes and our journal LINKS in which we publish your successful efforts twice a year. There are so many reasons to join our society, and make it your society.

The Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society was founded in 1996, and is dedicated to research in French-Canadian ancestry....

Section 1. The purpose of VT-FCGS shall be to:

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